Thursday, April 07, 2011

Release Day

So, quite a lot got released on April 6th:

* The Yocto Project 1.0: Woohoo! 1.0 is out the door and it's the best release yet. Yocto now has a new website, and check out the new video explaining what the project's all about.

* Gnome 3.0: This is a big one for most of the people in my office - not so much for me being the lone KDE user, but still it looks pretty good.

* KDE 4.6.2: a bugfix release. Haven't upgraded yet.

* Horde 4.0: you can't tell from their website but Horde 4.0 has just been released.

* Banshee 2.0

Seems it's a good time to be in free software!

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zecke said...

Congrats for Yocto.
- zecke