Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year to all

Happy New Year!

I'm off to in Dunedin this month. I figured it would be shameful not to go on the one year they decided to hold it in NZ :) I've never been to Dunedin and there's lots going on at the conference so it should be quite interesting. Maybe I'll get to see a few of these people whose names I keep reading all the time.

I have been a bit slack lately - emails going unanswered, open source stuff I should have been doing not getting done, etc. and for that I apologise. Maybe it has something to do with the pile of DVDs I got for Christmas, most of which I actually bought myself in the after-Christmas sales. In particular I now have seasons 1-7 of The X Files, which at 45 minutes an episode and ~25 episodes a season is quite a lot of sitting in front of a screen. It's a lot better than I remembered it, though, and I've found that my earlier impression of the series was clouded by just a few not-so-great episodes in the later seasons. I'm still holding off on seasons 8 and 9 though, I'm not convinced that wheeling in other characters to replace Mulder & Scully was such a great idea. Then again by the time they started screening those episodes on TV here I had stopped watching it regularly, so maybe it's not as bad as I think.

Anyway, back on the "stuff getting done" thing, I have started using KOrganizer (part of the KDE PIM suite) more lately which should help me remember things I need to do, and hopefully soon I will be able to spend some time finishing off the OpenSync plugin for Opie so that I can sync my Linux-powered iPAQ with it.