Wednesday, July 02, 2008

LRL '08

So, LugRadio is ending :( but I'm going to LugRadio Live :)

Should be entertaining.

Hello from sunny England

So I've been in the UK now for about three and a half months. There's tons of things going on here at the moment and so far I'm quite happy with my decision to move. Of course I miss NZ, my family & friends etc., but this is my chance to see the world. On that front so far I've been to Wales for a few days (freezing cold) and Rome for a week (awesome), and I'm off to some mystery destination for a weekend soon. For longer holidays I'm limited by work for the next few months but I have a few places on my list for after that.

I stayed with friends and relatives for a bit initially, but before too long I needed to find a job and a place of my own. I found a job in Croydon (doing Delphi still) and a flat in Brockley (south east London) which was about the right price and convenient for getting the train to work. Public transport here is pretty good but it's damned expensive - more so than anywhere else in Europe apparently. I miss my car already :/ (although petrol is also damned expensive and shows no sign of getting any cheaper). At least I got paid in pounds for the first time the other day :)