Saturday, July 28, 2007

Opie 1.2.3 is out!

So finally we've released Opie 1.2.3. It's been a long road, but a lot of people helped out (some of whom are new to Opie) and that made all the difference. It's nice to have something to show that the project is still alive :)

Next on the agenda: 1.2.4, naturally. I hope we can improve synchronisation, and that includes not just working on the OpenSync plugin, but also fixing up PIM bugs on the Opie side and likely fixing problems syncing with Qtopia Desktop as well. In general I'd also like to get a few of the long-standing annoying bugs fixed too. If there's something annoying that prevents you from using Opie on a daily basis, please report it - or even better, try to help us fix it.


Jordan Rubin said...

Interesting that I found the information here and not on I havent even seen a link posted about the new opie on the main page

Blue Lightning said...

@jordan - oops, I guess that was missed. I have contacted the appropriate people to get that added. Thanks!

Jordan Rubin said...

I dont see a new familiar coming out any time soon..... Does anyone have an IPKG upgrade for the new OPIE on the current familiar? If so is the new konqueroir included?

Blue Lightning said...

Very little in the way of public information has been released about future Familiar versions. I understand the previous OpenEmbedded-based build system has been thrown out in favour of something written from scratch, which goes some way to explaining how long it has been since the last release.

For the moment unfortunately it seems that unofficial builds of Angstrom are the only way to get Opie 1.2.3.

Which handheld are you using jordan?

Jordan Rubin said...

its a compaq ipaq 3835