Thursday, June 09, 2005

Apple, fbvncserver

The Apple move to Intel

I can't believe the amount of rubbish that is circulating about the Apple move to Intel processors. Examples of the drivel I have heard so far:
"Ooo, it'll make it easier to port PC games to Mac" - ever heard of DirectX? It'll be no different than porting games to Linux, and that doesn't happen that much yet (sadly).
"I'll be able to run OS X on my PC!" - Apple have clearly stated they will not support this, and they might even go to extra lengths to prevent people from hacking around it. Besides, you'd be missing out on half of what makes Macs what they are - the standardised hardware platform.
"Is there any point in starting Mac development now?" - the situation now is no different to what it was before. All of today's Mac applications will run on the new Macs thanks to Rosetta. Besides, most of the time you're coding to an API, not to the processor, unless you're writing in assembly language.
"This will kill Linux" - No. Linux will be unaffected on the server. It might take a hit on the desktop, but only if the move makes Macs significantly cheaper, or the normally PC-buying public decides that Mac-on-Intel is somehow more appealing to them despite being much the same thing.

It's quite simple - almost nothing has changed. Macs will still be Macs, PCs will still be PCs.

fbvncserver for iPAQ working again

fbvncserver has been updated to work on Familiar 0.8.2, and works brilliantly. For a while I was trying to figure out why I couldn't connect to it using VNC and then I realised some new icons had been added to the Opie launcher to start and stop the server. Last I checked, there isn't a working free PocketPC VNC server, so there's yet another win for Familiar. Woot! :)

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